empty pagesRedakön

Hello, please stop creating empty pages cross-wiki as You did in ay:Lisa Gerrard and other domains.
Please also stop adding language skills to IP-talks as You did here and many others,

thanks for Your understanding, best regards, --birdy (:> )=| 22:19, 2008 mäzul 19id (UTC)

Dear Glitter1959, your page about Lisa Gerrard has just been deleted due to lack of any content. Also, it seems from the above message that you've been creating empty pages in many wiki's. This kind of behavior is disruptive; please ask local administrators (e.g. Smeira and Malafaya) for help and suggestions. Thanks! --Smeira 22:24, 2008 mäzul 19id (UTC)

Your account will be renamedRedakön

08:44, 2015 mäzul 20id (UTC)


13:01, 2015 prilul 19id (UTC)