O flen löfik!

Yes, I've seen your request; bot status has already been granted for Byrialbot. I had a look at the interwiki effects of your bot, and they seem OK. One question: are you going to add links from other languages to Vükiped, from Vükiped to other languages, or both? --Smeira 12:31, 11 yunul 2007 (UTC)

Thank you! Both. The bot will for example start by reading a page on the Danish Wikipedia. If that page have a link to the English Wikipedia, it will read the English page, and if the English page have a link to the Volapük Wikipedia, it will then read that page and so on. When all pages in different Wikipedias are read, the bot will add missing links to all of them. For example the Danish page can get a link to the Volapÿk page and Volapük page can get a link the Danish page. Byrial 16:18, 11 yunul 2007 (UTC)