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Glidis! Spelob, das ojuitol keblünami Vükipede obsik. If labol säkis u dotis, kanol säkön guvani: ,IJzeren Jan’ u votiks. Dunabikos binon mödik! If vilol lärnön mödikumosi dö Volapük it, reidolös padi: VP:VOLAPUK.

Hi! I hope you'll enjoy contributing to our Wikipedia. If you have questions or doubts, you can ask sysops IJzeren Jan and others. There's a lot to do! Help yourself to VP:VOLAPUK for some elements of Volapük.


Hi! I'm trying to improve the interlinks of categories on Wikidata. Could you tell me if Klad:Dramatavans is to be connected to d:Q9702405? And Klad:Dramatav to d:Q7149649? Thank you very much, --Epìdosis (bespik) 17:59, 2019 yanul 3id (UTC)Reply[reply]

  • Hello. Yes, you're right, these ones should definitely be connected with items which you pointed at. Best, --Wolverène (bespik) 18:05, 2019 yanul 3id (UTC)Reply[reply]

OK i've just did it myself..--Wolverène (bespik) 20:15, 2019 yanul 3id (UTC)Reply[reply]


Hi, can you translation to English wikipedia? (From völapük) Enes bi (bespik) 19:23, 2019 novul 15id (UTC)Reply[reply]