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'''Delhi''' binon zif in komot: Las Animas, in tat: [[Colorado]], in [[Lamerikän]].
Sürfat ela Delhi binon s an [[unincorporated area|unincorporated]] [[town]] located in [[Las Animas County, Colorado|Las Animas County]], [[Colorado]], [[United States]], km².
Delhi labon belödanis ' is an [[unincorporated area|unincorporated]] [[town]] located in [[Las Animas County Colorado|Las Animas County]], [[Colorado]], [[United States]]. The [[United States Postal Service|U.S. Post Office]] at [[Model, Colorado|Model]] ([[ZIP Code]] 81059) now serves Delhi postal addresses.<ref name=ZIPcode>{{cite web | year = [[January 3]] [[2007]] | url = http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/citytown.jsp | title = ZIP Code Lookup| format = [[JavaScript]]/[[HTML]] | publisher = United States Postal Service | accessmonthday = January 3 | accessyear = 2007}}</ref>
Delhi is located at {{coor dms|37|38|32|N|104|01|06|W|city}} (37.642238,-104.018383).
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