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== [[User:Samuele2002|Samuele2002]] Administration and bureaucrat flags ==
Hi! I'm request for administrator and bureaucrat flags. I have this flags in other wikis (it.wikiversity beta.wikiversity outreach wikimania2017, test.Wikipedia test2.Wikipedia chr.wiktionary ...) and I'm Global rolbacker. I would use the flags to do all that competes with an administrator (deleting pages, blocking vandals....) And I would also use the bureaucrat flag to help in assigning bot and administrator flags. In particular, for delete over 60 pages proposed for deletion. Thank you. --[[Geban:Samuele2002|Samuele2002]] ([[Gebanibespik:Samuele2002|bespik]]) 21:18, 2017 mayul 30id (UTC)
=== Pro ===
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