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Hi, could you change this article in Donòri? This is the rigt accent. I have changed it on and Thank you in advance. You can find me on
:All the references I could find to Donori have the accent on the I (i.e. [ this Italian site]). Are you sure it's not just a matter of how it's written in Italian vs. Sardinian? If that's the case, we could have both ortographies. [[Geban:Malafaya|Malafaya]] 12:27, 2008 mayul 2id (UTC)
::Hi, the Elcaracol's question is correct. We come from Sardinian and we have contributors of (I'm a sysop of and Elcaracol is a sysop of Some sources write Donorì with the stress over the I but this is wrong. Please look in this websites how the correct name is written:
*[] This is an official website of Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (Autonomous Region of Sardinia) about the municipalities of Sardinia
*[] This is the section of Donori Municipality in the official website of the Union of municipalities of Parteolla (The Parteolla is the region where is placed Donori)
*[] This is the website of the Donori Schools (Istituto Comprensivo).
::So, in Italian language we use the stress only when falls over the last syllable , but when the stress falls over the first and intermediate syllables, we usually do not write the stress if this is not ambiguous. e.g.
* we say ''Donòri'' but we write ''Donori''
* we say and write [[Senorbì]]
* we say ''Barràli'' but we write [[Barrali]]
::Thanks for your attention. --[[Geban:Giancarlodessi|Giancarlodessi]] 22:32, 2008 yunul 2id (UTC) (aka [[:it:Utente:Giancarlodessi|Giancarlodessi]] in