Viktor Nonong Medrano

Vraka StrandoRedakön

ĉe la Vraka Strand'
vestaĵ-laŭvola ludant':

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-11)

Gazebo and SwingRedakön

Near the faraway jungle houses
was a quaint jungle gazebo
where there had crept a jungle snake.
A cozy canopy glider swing
was in the flipping garden.
Beyond were gratiles berries clinging.
Not at all was the family compound barren.

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-09)

Balloon VinesRedakön

Creeping balloon vines
outside urban apartment:
Yeah Filipiña!

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-09)

Temples and JossesRedakön

Stubborn urusai crowds
Blue sky and white clouds
Joss sticks in front of Josses
Chopsticks in a rice bowl of Pork Chops
Flips in an inflatable kiddie pool
"You want to join us?" says the school
A crowd of teens with 1970's hairdos
In a corner store of clerks not just Hindus
A walk to the green grove temples
Down south on Number Three Road
Iced Apple Green Tea with Bubbles
Phonograms with Logograms like cryptic code
At night, the wondrous full moon showed

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-09)

One Head-shaven, One Black-hairedRedakön

One Head-shaven, One Black-haired
Big bulging white man
Looks part-Amerind
Fancies an Eastern lady
Drives a green car shared
Another one handsome
Reminiscent of tamarind
Both seeing a wild shaman
Under massive trees shady

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-08)

Blond and SquidRedakön

In Stockholm and Helsinki
Looking for hairy blond men
Grey ice cream squid-inky
Isla Lulu Tagalog practice, amen

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-08)

Red SavannahRedakön

big red savannah
around the Spanish mansion:
whirlwind near a cliff

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-05)


Labyrinth and like Amerind
Sushi rolls not so choosy
Swimming pool and jacuzzi
Plasticky chlorine smells
Saunas and mighty bells

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-05)

Silly RabbitsRedakön

Hi, silly rabbits!
You have white, brown, and black fur
on your fat bodies.

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-04)

A Crow FliesRedakön

a crow flies towards
yonder coniferous tree:
unraining grey skies

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-04)

Blue Rose GardenRedakön

big blue rose garden
around the Spanish mansion:
smell of new bark mulch

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-04)

Red, Orange, YellowRedakön

Red, Orange, Yellow
Summer Thai temple days mellow
Sweet Duck on East Hastings Street Menus
Philosophical nighttime venues
After speculative fiction movies
Born in the time of being groovy
We the Japanesque marshmallows

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-03)

Lychee in Syrup on IceRedakön

Lychee in Syrup on Ice
Not everyone in East Van eats rice
Back in Tōkyō are Rāmen-Ya
Offices like temples of Maya
Isla Lulu platter-sized hamburgers
Kitsilano condo boiled cauliflowers

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-03)

Childhood Number 5Redakön

Illuminares Lantern Festival
Trout Lake and snowcapped mountains
Vintage books and clothes
East Van character homes
Where people are not drones
Cafés and chow mein are a carnival
Esperanto meetings no rival
Downtown and Gastown excursions
Holistic Europe-Asia confusions

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-03)

Swedish Furniture and Hot ChocolateRedakön

Never had Rose Hip Soup
Tasted an IKEA Almond Cake
Sitting at the handsome dock
Faraway Lake Sammamish gawk
Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate Grande
Lulu Island Flatlander break
Every day like a Chinese Donut Tuesday

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-03)

Cooked Bamboo ShootsRedakön

Cooked Bamboo Shoots
A Korean Picasso
Forever green Esperanto
Never been to Toronto
A tree with contorted roots
A fine marbled teraso
Vietnamese calligraphy
Imaginary geography
A basket of fruits

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-02)

Mugicha and PizzaRedakön

Cold Mugicha (or Barley Tea)
And Pizza Slice (or Mini Pan Pizza)
At the corner convenience store
In the Pandemic Genie Folklore
Flashbacks of Harajuku (and Ginza)
Now back here in the Big North
Glee and Sorrow gushing forth

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-06-01)

Black Tea LatteRedakön

Black Tea Latte
With Coconut Milk
From the corner Café
My tuque not of Silk
A walk in the green grove
Where crows and seagulls rove
A venerable verdant temple
Life not being so simple
A stray newspaper with a ripple

Viktor Nonong Medrano (2020-05-31)