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Gig Harbor labon belödanis g Harbor in Pierce County.png|300px|right|Location of Gig Harbor Washington]]
'''Gig Harbor''' is a city in [[Pierce County, Washington|Pierce County]], [[Washington]], [[United States]]. The population was 6,465 at the 2000 census.
Gig Harbor is known as the gateway to the [[Olympic Peninsula]]. Due to its close access to several state and city parks, and historic waterfront that includes boutiques and fine dining, it has become a popular tourist destination. Gig Harbor is located along [[Washington State Route 16]], about four miles from its origin at [[Interstate 5]], over the [[Tacoma Narrows Bridge]]. An $849 million project to add a second span to the bridge is currently underway. During off-peak traffic times, Tacoma can be reached in 20 minutes and Seattle in less than an hour.