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very sad
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:Bleh, I hate it when people put a wiki into their sights... it's so frustrating. I wish I wasn't so busy in real life, otherwise I could devote more time to RC patrol here. I'll go ahead bookmark [[Patikos:Recentchanges]] so I can swing by in my few spare moments. [[Geban:EVula|EVula]] <span style="color: #999;">// [[Gebanibespik:EVula|gebanibespik]] //</span> 17:26, 5 novul 2007 (UTC)
::I don't expect anything much now, just your usual individual vandalism (although one German guy tried to be smarter: he simply altered the population figures for three French cities, so that it didn't look like anything strange had happened... unless you looked close). That one time was probably the result of the German interwiki-haters not having succeeded in closing vo.wiki. This is something I really can't understand. OK, they don't like the interwikis, let them remove them; but some of them apparently get so angry at not being able to close the 'source of useless interwikis' that they have to go ahead and become vandals. And these are normal people, who do good work on their own Wikipedia (e.g. [[de:Benutzer:Decius]] (if you look on his talk page you'll see where I show how I identified him as a vandal), who likes Albania -- a country I myself also love -- and does a quite good job of taking care of articles on this topic in de.wiki). What a pity. --[[Geban:Smeira|Smeira]] 18:44, 5 novul 2007 (UTC)
:::Yeah, when perfectly good editors start disrupting a project, it's always a tragedy. There are plenty of things that I may or may not like, but I'd never in a million years consider becoming a vandal. I just... no. It just isn't an option. :) [[Geban:EVula|EVula]] <span style="color: #999;">// [[Gebanibespik:EVula|gebanibespik]] //</span> 17:49, 7 novul 2007 (UTC)