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Usually life here is pretty calm, but we've recently (today, actually about 6 hours ago...) had a vandal attack with changing IPs from Germany (all addresses beginning with 217.231; three of them I located in Berlin). Here's [http://vo.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Altdorf_%28Bayern%29&oldid=815122 one example] of what they did... Phew! I had never had this experience before. I had to learn (thanks to [[User:Spacebirdy]]) how do to a range block. It's over now, but it really made me see how some people react inappropriately to the work of others: if they don't like it, and can't convince many others not to like it either, then they just try to destroy it... ([[User:Siebrand]] said he'd bring the matter up with a steward. I wonder if there are other things I could do to make sure these people don't try it again. Probably not, sadly...). If you happen to know much about protecting a wikipedia against this kind of vandalism... let me know ;-) --[[Geban:Smeira|Smeira]] 20:45, 25 tobul 2007 (UTC)
:Bleh, I hate it when people put a wiki into their sights... it's so frustrating. I wish I wasn't so busy in real life, otherwise I could devote more time to RC patrol here. I'll go ahead bookmark [[Patikos:Recentchanges]] so I can swing by in my few spare moments. [[Geban:EVula|EVula]] <span style="color: #999;">// [[Gebanibespik:EVula|gebanibespik]] //</span> 17:26, 5 novul 2007 (UTC)