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<table class="prettytable">
<tr><td>&#123;{coord|12|34|N|45|33|W|'''displayplad=titletiäd'''}&#125;</td><td>Replaces &#123;{coor '''title''' dm|12|34|N|45|67|W}&#125;</td></tr>
<tr><td>&#123;{coord|12|34|12|N|45|33|45|W|'''displayplad=inline,titlebofiks'''}&#125;</td><td>Replaces &#123;{coor '''at''' dms|12|34|12|N|45|33|45|W}&#125;</td></tr>
<tr><td>&#123;{coord|10.2|-20.3|'''displayplad=inlinevödem'''}&#125; or &#123;{coord|10.2|-20.3}&#125;</td><td>Replaces &#123;{coor d|10.2|N|-20.3|E}&#125;</td></tr>
* Coordinate parameters: Recognised by the map server, given in the format ''parameter:value'' and separated from each other with the underscore character '_'. Common coordinate parameters include ''type'', ''region'', and ''scale''. See [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates#Parameters]] for a comprehensive list.
* Template parameters: Used by the template itself, given in the format ''parameter=value'' and separated from each other with the pipe character '|'. The supported template parameters are ''plad'' (ex-''display''), ''name'' and ''format''.
** ''displayplad'' can be one of the following:
*** <code>displayplad=inlinevödem</code> - Display the coordinate inline (default)
*** <code>displayplad=titletiäd</code> - Display the coordinate by the article title (replaces {{tl|coor title dms}} family)
*** <code>displayplad=inline,titlebofiks</code> - Display the coordinate both inline and at title (replaces {{tl|coor at dms}} family) <br> Note: using the <code>title</code> attribute indicates that the coordinates apply to the article, and not just one of (perhaps many) places mentioned in it &mdash; so it should only be omitted in the latter case.
** ''format'' can be used to force ''dec'' or ''dms'' coordinate display for all readers
** ''name'' can be used to annotate inline coordinates for display in map services and other external use. It should not be used with coordinates in the article title or within an infobox, as in those cases the name is implicit from the article title.
{{template example row|22|S|43|W|notes=A [[Degree Confluence Project|degree confluence]]}}
|displayplad=inline,titlebofiks|region:GB_type:city}}</nowiki></code></td> <td>{{coord|52|28|59|N|1|53|37|W|displayplad=inline,titlebofiks|region:GB_type:city}}</td> <td>Birmingham - with display and parameter settings; note display also in title of this page.</td></tr>