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[[Magod:Map of USA OR.svg|175px|thumb|right|Tat: Oregon in Lamerikän.]] [[Magod:Portland Multnomah.png|175px|thumb|right|Topam in tat: Oregon.]]
'''Portland''' binon zif in komot: confluence]] of the [[Willamette River|Willamette]] and [[Columbia river|Columbia]] rivers in the [[U.S. state]] of [[Oregon]]. With a population of 562,690<ref name="psu">[http://www.pdx.edu/media/p/r/PRC_Certified_Cities_2006.pdf PSU:Population Research Center]</ref> it is Oregon's most populous city, and the third most populous city in the [[Pacific Northwest]], after [[Seattle, Washington]] and [[Vancouver, British Columbia]]. Approximately two million people live in [[Portland metropolitan area|the surrounding metropolitan area]] ([[United States metropolitan area|MSA]]), the [[List of United States metropolitan statistical areas by population|23rd most populous]] in the [[United StatesLamerikän]]
Portland was incorporated in 1851 and is the [, in tat: [[Oregon]], in [[Lamerikän]].