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==== Pro ====
*[[Ragiv:Symbol support vote.svg|15px]] '''Support''' voting myself. --[[Geban:Samuele2002|Samuele2002]] ([[Gebanibespik:Samuele2002|bespik]]) 15:41, 2017 yunul 3id (UTC)
** For what? If you want to get these flags you support yourself by default. --[[Geban:Wolverène|Wolverène]] ([[Gebanibespik:Wolverène|bespik]]) 18:05, 2017 setul 6id (UTC)
*[[Ragiv:Symbol support vote.svg|15px]] '''Support''' he is a trusted user in many wikis [[Geban:Martinligabue|Martinligabue]] ([[Gebanibespik:Martinligabue|bespik]]) 18:28, 2017 yunul 3id (UTC)
==== Contra ====
* [[Ragiv:Symbol oppose vote.svg|15px]] I'm not a regular user here but anyway. Can we trust a bureaucrat flag to a user who registered in wiki in April 2015? and made his first edit here in May 2017?<br><blockquote>I have this flags in other wikis (it.wikiversity beta.wikiversity outreach wikimania2017, test.Wikipedia test2.Wikipedia chr.wiktionary ...) and I'm Global rolbacker.</blockquote><br>Hat collecting? If not, why don't you simply propose for meta steward flag (voting will be in December-February)? Then you would "manage" all the projects which you like. --[[Geban:Wolverène|Wolverène]] ([[Gebanibespik:Wolverène|bespik]]) 18:05, 2017 setul 6id (UTC)
[[Klad:Vob Vükipedik]]