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==Bad Book Spam warning ==
<small>(My apologies for this message being in English)</small> The vandal [[:en:UserCategory:Wikipedia sockpuppets of General Tojo|General Tojo]] is spamming Wikipedia by removing references and adding his books as the only reference. The books are nothing more than reprints of out of copyright sources, with spelling errors from the title page on forward (For example it is James McClymont, not MacClymont, and Gaspar Correia, not Correa, and Charles Edwards Lester, not Charles Lester Edwards). This article is one of his targets, please watch for removal of valid references and adding of the spam references by ''new'' users or IP's. The books spammed so far are:
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*'''Keith Bridgeman, London''' is also the owner of the web page advertising both the Parkinson stuff and the books spammed by General Tojo.
For details see [[:en:WikipediaCategory:LongWikipedia sockpuppets termof abuse/General Tojo]] -- [[:en:user:Chris 73|Chris 73]] 11:27, 3. Okt. 2009 (CEST)