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:I can continue the discussion if you will -- though as you point out the main reason has now become moot. I had also argued at large elsewhere as to why stubs are not as evil as some people think, and why they mean no disrespect to the work of those who write long articles -- except if number-of-articles is your main parameter for Wikipedia success, which frankly is not a good idea. If you want to pursue this point, I also happily will; but it's a good idea to read Yekrats' proposal page and all that was said there beforehand.
:I frankly don't think it was such a good idea either. But I hope this will have reinforcedweakened the argumentclaim that I did it only so that the Vükiped could stay longer as 15th. Now it won't. You may perhaps think that I'm just making up a story to cover up for my 'sleazy scheme' having been discovered, and that this huge deletion is only a way to make it look sincere. Sigh... As I said, I can't offer you more arguments. So be it. At least I think I did everything I possibly could, and so I at least feel better.
:OK, Leptictidium, this episode is now over. I hope the next one will be better. :-) (P.S.: The last palaeontology article I've been able to translate was [[vo:Sinraptoridae]]; I still haven't acted on my desire to write something about Anomalocaris, or even about my darling trilobites. With the work of translating the whole interface into Volapük at betawiki (now translatewiki), this got left behind... maybe later.) --[[Geban:Smeira|Smeira]] 22:42, 2008 prilul 24id (UTC)